October 20, 2016

Hunter: Being from Tevinter, this whole celebration is charmingly barbaric at best, to you.

John: I was already looking down on them for being peasants; I'll break my neck trying to look down my nose at them even more...

October 13, 2016

Hunter: The snipers will target Lorelia, because the PC's do not have a copyright on murdering unarmed women.
Hunter: You know, from my perspective this is totally justified because I know this NPC  a bad guy. But from any other perspective in game Jason is just beating some fruit peddler over the head with a lute for no discernable reason.
Tom: Damn exploding balls! Always running into our women!
Tom: "Technology! When has THAT ever benefited anyone?"
Hunter: You've gotten all the pertinent info you can get from the Trolloc.

John: "Should we dispatch it?"

Patrick: Come on, little fella! Back to your family!