December 14, 2017

Dianne: "Do you feel any different with the collar on?"

Tom: "It says it's magic."

Dianne: "Can you take it off?"

Tom: "Any time I want."

Dianne: "How about now?"

Tom: "... I don't want to."
Hunter: A voice in your head tells you to put the collar on.

Tom: Okay. I'll start to put the collar on. "This thing is telepathic or something."

John: "Do you always listen to voices in your head?"

Karen: "He's got a bag of crazy cats instead of a brain. How could this be any worse than his other ideas?"
Karen: Oh. You changed back into you?

Jason: Yes! I need armor! There are 15 werewolves!
Jason: I'm going to buy baubles and jewelry to help make us look like we're skilled at trade and talk instead of stupid and bad at all people skills.
Karen: That was a lot of work for a result of "you can't do shit."
Hunter: No, Gavin, you cannot have sex with it.
Hunter: Neither of you notice anything until a raspy voice whispers menacingly in Orthar's ear: "What are you doing here?"

Tom: "Uh... Keeping watch?"