May 08, 2018

Tom: He's a creepy wizard with magic creepy things working for him, so what. I work for a creepy Dragon with dark elves working for him. This is practically normal.
Jason: I have a PhD in Reincarnate!

Dianne: Not formally. It was a correspondence course.

Hunter: Jason's character has a degree in Applied Theology.

May 05, 2018

Hunter: His mind is completely destroyed. Only powerful magic like Wish, Miracle, or Greater Restoration can bring it back.

Jason: can we kill him and bring him back?

Hunter: Theoretically that would work.

Jason: Well, it would be better for our reputation if we don't kill him. Oh wait, Greater Restoration costs 5000 gold. It's cheaper to kill him and cast Reincarnate.
Tom: What's the name of your intelligent dagger?

John: "Death's Caress."

 Tom: We have the most horrible equipment.
Hunter: Cloakers drop from the trees and envelop one of the Comte's footmen, killing him.

Tom: Did I like him?

Hunter: Probably not, knowing your character.
Tom: We've got a druid. Why can't HE convince the donkey to shut up?

December 14, 2017

Dianne: "Do you feel any different with the collar on?"

Tom: "It says it's magic."

Dianne: "Can you take it off?"

Tom: "Any time I want."

Dianne: "How about now?"

Tom: "... I don't want to."