February 11, 2017

Hunter: :: sigh:: I guess I'll go save Gavin.

Tom: Really? Why?
Tom: "Do you also wish to make a deal for power?"

Gavin: "What will you give me for the souls of my family?"



Dianne:...really dude?
Tom: "Don't go down the left path. That's Bobmagog, not Gogmagog."
Hunter: No, my patron  Gogmagog. This guy is Agragog.

Jason: He's the Gog of Agriculture.

Tom: Agra-Grog is the Gog of fermentation.
Tom: You're selling your soul for a giant chicken?!

February 08, 2017

Dianne: What mojo is this dwarf chick laying down that she gets away with murdering every suitor who tries to marry her?!

Hunter: She walks around topless with gems braided in her nipple hair.

Karen: Jesus, dude...

Hunter: You're right. That's an unrealistic expectation of beauty and we shouldn't glorify it.
Jason: What about the band? Are they still playing?

John: They've probably pulled battleaxes out of their tubas, knowing this crowd.