We play tabletop role-playing games.  We say funny things.  We keep a record of these funny things.  I post them here on this blog.

That's about as simple of an explanation as you can get.

For those of you who don't mind reading, a more in-depth description:

My friends and I play tabletop role-playing games.  That means we sit around a table with various types of dice, pencils, and pieces of paper with both arbitrary and subjective information recorded on them.  We pretend to be superheroes, medieval adventurers, street punks in a dystopian future, vampires hiding behind the scenes of human society, you name it.  We all have our characters and selected abilities, and as the person running the game describes a scene we act out how we feel our characters would act in that situation.

We are not always in character.  We are just a bunch of friends getting together to have fun, not professional actors.  Everything we do is ad-libbed, the only scripted events being the ones to which we're reacting.  There is cross-table and out-of-character banter, and because we have to think on the fly we are often dissolving with laughter because of a misspoken phrase or unexpected wit.  We started recording these golden nuggets of humor on a whim, and I started to post them online for others to see.