July 19, 2017

Tom: Didn't we get some samurai to help us?

Hunter: They're stationed outside to catch any vampires that try to escape.

Tom: So they're helping story-wise but not in any meaningful way.
Jason: Wait a minute.  Just let the vampires leave; it's daylight outside.
Jason: I translate what the vampires are threatening and tell everyone to back away.

Dianne: I move in and Channel positive energy.

Hunter:  "Good" is a meaningless syllable to you people...
Hunter: You can't understand the language, but the gesturing makes it pretty clear the vampires are threatening to rip the hostage's throat out if you don't back away and let them pass.

Gavin: I advance on them.

Hunter: And you say you're good-aligned?
Gavin: I'm going to pick a fight with some samurai.

Tom: How the hell did your character survive this long in Dark Sun?

Gavin: He's part of a secret society.

Tom: Yeah, but one that would have killed him for constantly drawing attention to himself!
::Jason's animal companion Crist and kills an enemy, while Jason's character can't even manage to damage one::

Hunter: How do your cohorts always end up so much more awesome than your actual characters?
Tom: It's not a hearse, just a van for transporting dead bodies.
Jason: Elk don't HAVE morals! They're elk!